Classic Trax: Communication Breakdown 3 Ways

Timeless wisdom from almost 50 years ago.

This is a good one to learn because the sections are clear, they repeat and there's only a few of them. It's always helpful to check out different versions when learning a song - it gives you insight into how the artists themselves think of the material and how you can make it your own, what's essential and what can be left out. Live versions especially - you'd be surprised how often recordings that sound really hard to play get re-arranged for performance by the original artists, to make them easier (looking at you, Bieber/Jack Ü).

The first video below is the original studio recording with the band lip (and instrument) synching along for TV; the other two are live versions. When watching, make note of:

  • what stays the same
  • what changes
  • which parts of the song the drummer is accenting
  • which parts of the song the drummer hangs back and just plays the beat
  • dynamics - what's loud, what's quiet

Have fun! 

Ryan Brown