New! Live! Radiohead!

Radiohead just released 8 full-length live concerts from 2016. They are one of my all-time favourites. I am frequently impressed with how they bring their studio creations to the stage. Also - first impressions are so funny. Kind of a polarizing band. At the Osheaga show, after watching Thom Yorke for the first few minutes I thought "geeze, what a grump. you're a rich, famous musician. why so sour all the time? can he not sing any more or is he just not trying?" then realized - he's saving his energy so he can put it all into the performance. He's warming his voice up.

Admittedly I do get tired of the gloom, but man. What a band. Check the video above to see their Osheaga set and draw your own conclusions. For more:


Ryan BrownComment