Styles change, but the building blocks of music are forever.

No matter where you're headed creatively, as a drummer you need a solid technical foundation, a knowledge of how music actually works, and an understanding of your role in it. Our mission is to give you those tools.

Our very own Ryan Brown (CEO, creative director, webmaster, writer of third person bios) knows what it takes. He's spent the last 20 years playing drums in all sorts of situations, and the last decade refining his approach to drum education. From early days in awe of his uncle's drum kit, through time as a school band geek, teenage punk rocker, certified jazz drummer (BAMus, StFX, 2005), touring/recording musician with his indie-pop band Glory Glory, and current life as a Halifax scenester, member of shoegaze outfit Valerie and session player for all kinds of artists (from folk to hip-hop to progressive metal), he's got the education and experience to know what works and what doesn't. (Pro tip: lessons are best when they're fun and you're playing music you actually like). He's worked with individuals and groups, teaching up to 50 lessons a week, on his own and at places like Long & McQuade, InterAction School for the Performing Arts and Neptune Theatre.

Maybe it's a single session, maybe a month. Maybe a lesson every week until one of us croaks. We'll focus on your unique goals. Books and videos are great, but everyone's different; only you know why you got into music and where you're headed. We'll show you which 3 pages you need and how to steal licks like a pro. This is not a cookie-cutter thing. You're not a cookie. We eat cookies for breakfast.

Lessons available by the hour and half-hour. If you've got drums and a space in the Halifax area, we can even come to you. Contact us or book online to arrange.

note: additional $5 mileage fee will apply to in-home lessons.

Our son took drum lessons from Ryan for a few years . He absolutely loved Ryan’s teaching methods. Ryan was super informative and fun! He was so easy to talk to and to ask questions to.

After seeing our son come home so excited from lessons with Ryan, my husband and I decided to take guitar lessons from Ryan. As it was with our son, it was the same for us, we had so much fun learning from Ryan and we appreciated his kind and patient personality .

All of us would highly recommend Ryan for drums or guitar!
— Nikhil , Bob and Natalie Abraham
Ryan draws from a wide variety of influences to provide a well-rounded drum lesson!
— Jayne Webb
Lots of years of applied groove behind these lessons.
— Jason Vautour
Ryan is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. He’s the best.
— Trudy Spooner